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Siling Panigang King

26 Sep

Started planting vegetables early 2010 but was only successful with peppers. I have 2 pepper plants of which both were planted from seeds, 1 came from our stock, which was planted January 2010 and as of this writing am planning to dish-out this old plant so that i can start on a new pepper. This first pepper of mine has already supplied me lots of leaves used for Tinolang Manok and that maintaining it would be not economical as the plant already produces very small leaves, and the other a product by a local company, which was planted March 2011.


This is the pepper which i planted only last March 2011 from seed and was tagged as Panigang King based on the seed packets, and by the looks of it now it is really a King.


This pepper has already reached 6 feet tall and is producing lots of pepper more than our needs, some are being given to my mother for her cooking needs, and some neighbors were asking for these peppers whenever they passed thru our rented apartment.


This are some of my harvest, which have made us save some money, for the market price of each pepper in a nearby flea market cost around Php 2.00 (around US$ 0.05)


A few months from now this pepper will need to be replaced and i would say that i’m going to continue planting this kind of pepper which are very useful, specially to my favorite dish which is Sinigang (be it fish or pork). Knowing that this peppers are grown from our backyard, i would say i don’t have to worry of chemical treatment done, because i don’t use one, unlike the peppers being sold at the market where in everyone is not sure if this are chemically treated or not.


The pepper journey shall go on as long as i can….

Be safe everyone…