Ghoul Stories

8 Oct

This story happened a couple of years ago, 2007 to be exact when my sister in-law was pregnant to her first child, at my wife’s hometown in one of the remote barangay of Cauayan, Negros Occidental.

My wife’s ancestral house were made of light materials very common of a house in a province, consist of bamboo as its flooring and roof framing, wood for its posts and stairs, lawanit for the walls and nipa for the roof. The house is elevated from the ground by at least 4 feet (1.2m) underneath was being utilized as a stock area for tools and other fishing equipments of my father in-law, the “silong” as we called it was opened on all four corners.
A few months after my sister in-law’s conception to her first child, every night my sister in-law, her husband and her whole family would hear sounds of something were moving underneath their house, sometimes they would hear a “tik-tik” sound above the roof, and she would tell it to her husband to inspect what was outside, underneath and above their house, her husband being an indian nationals does not believe in myths, and he would suspect that someone was watching them waiting for them to be asleep so that they can loot. But my wife’s family believe other wise, those sounds they were hearing every night was coming from an “aswang” because these entities like the smell of pregnant women. My Mother in-law upon hearing those sounds would instantly cover her pregnant daughter with a black cloth, my in-laws believe that once the aswang’s target were covered with a black cloth these entities can only smell their target but would not be able to see where the smell are coming from. My Father in-law, who believes also of these myths, would instantly grab his bottle of blessed Lana oil, Lana oil were made from coconut oil and the smell of lana doesn’t like by these entities, and would rub lana oil to his daughter’s body. After my in-laws have done what they believe would prevent the “aswang” on its goals the sounds they are hearing would stop.

One day, when my father in-law was about to go to a church he chanced upon a woman selling her trade of vegetables at a store and he overheard what the woman said to her buyer that she would go to my in-law’s house to offer my sister in-law some veggies, upon hearing what the woman has told my father in-law turn back to go back home, because that woman were suspected to be an “aswang” in our barrio, went straight to grab his bottle of lana and rub it all over the body of his daughter, his daughter caught by surprise of what her father was doing didn’t bother to ask. After her father were done rubbing her with lana oil, when he was about to step out of the gate he chanced upon the woman selling vegetables he said that his daughter is inside the house and would buy vegetables from her, maybe sensing the lana oil from her target, the vendor suddenly excused herself that she forgot something from her house and needs to go back immediately.

When my sister in-law were about to give birth to  her first-born child, one of her younger sister were ordered to fetch the barrio midwife, her younger sister hesitant at first because at that time it was already almost midnight obliged with the condition that she would be accompanied by their cousin. Upon leaving their cousin, being having an experience of fetching the barrio midwife, advised that whatever she hears or see along the way should be ignored.

When along the way fetching for the barrio midwife, the barrio midwife was  living at the foot of the hill, my younger sister in-law passing by at a sugar cane plantation saw that canes would bowed down due to strong winds along the way, my sister in-law wonder  when they leaved their house the sky is clear and there has  no sign of storm coming, and at the same time she would hear some one were calling her names just to distract her, her cousin would always told her that not to believe what she sees and hears along the way and that those what she hears and sees  were meant only to distract her, these distraactions continued until they reached the house of the  barrio midwife. Same distractions have been experienced by the three going back to our house and that my sister in-law delivered a healthy baby girl on that evening.


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