Aswang (Ghoul) Stories and Antidotes

4 Oct

Lately i have encountered a forum thread regarding Philippine urban legends, as i read on i find that some posts are legends or myths regarding Philippines famous aswang or ghouls, if that is really the english term for it), i came to recall what my colleagues and co-workers were saying back then when we were assigned at a coastal town of Binalbagan, Negros Occidental three years ago.

At that time, year 2008, we were assigned to construct a structure located at Binalbagan, Negros Occidental. All of us office staff personnels, being all males, were lucky to be accomodated at a modest house situated along a remote baranggay. Our curiosity grows as each and every night after dinner we were outside the staff house for a little conversation or “kwentuhan” as may say before we goes to sleep. And every time we would hear those “tik-tik” sounds flying above us, about 9PM (Philippine Standard Time) at the earliest, one of my room companion, being a Visayan who believes on these, would always shout “Putang-Ina ka ang aga-aga mo naman para mambiktima!” (“Motherfucker you’re too early to hunt for a prey!”) at that “tik-tik” sound. These sounds has continued to hound us every night even in our sleep, even the our dogs are scared to go out and would just hide underneath our beds barking at the sounds. Then one of my Bicolano friend, already sick and tired of these “tik-tik” sounds hounding our sleep, has told us about the following antidotes;

  • Three Sticks – three wooden stick of about 3 – 4 inches in length each, be it tooth picks, coconut stick brooms, bamboo stick used for barbeque. He told us that by placing Three (3) wooden sticks perpendicularly placed right infront of  your door steps and window panes, would prevent dark entities the house. He even said that even at daytime, when the “aswang” creatures are on their human form, the sticks are very effective he said that when these sticks have been seen by their human form would instantly feel uneasy and would have to leave immediately. I have yet to see the effectiveness of these one as haven’t use this method eversince i’ve heard these even when we got back here in Manila, but when this method was told to us, after a few nights the “tik-tik” sounds we’ve been hearing was gone.
  • Calamondin / Calamansi (Citrofortunella microcarpa) – Calamondin or commonly called  as calamansi were also one method much effective than garlic as what our friend have told us, just squeeze it to the body of the “aswang” and said that this will scare the “aswang” away, as we were also told not to let run ouf stock as calamansi can be handy at times and easily bought at any stores.


  • Lana – These is a special oil made out of coconut and is oftenly called Lana in Visayan regions. Old folks in Visayas told us that whenever there is an “aswang” nearby the oil becomes bubbly and will boil to the point of breaking the bottle or jar. My Father in-law said that Lana oil is very effective as an antidote to “aswang” by rubbing some oil to the body, my FIL said that the “aswangs” dislikes the smell of Lana. Lana oil according to my In-laws  is also as effective just like the Oil pain reliever when rubbed to affected  body parts. My in-laws always makes it a point that they have stock of Lana oil when the need arises of which by the way my In-laws live in a remote area of Cauayan, Negros Occidental.

If i were to choose one of the three antidotes above, i would be choosing Lana oil as I will be having a natural, or i may say organic pain reliever.


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