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Tropical Storm Quiel Update

30 Sep

This is the tracking image of Quiel from PAGASA;

and this is the satellite image as of 1400Hrs Philippine standard time;

Weather forecasters has already raised Typhoon Signal number 2 in Cagayan and Isabela Provinces while Signal number 1 is up in Calayan and Babuyan group of islands, and in the provinces of Apayao, Kalinga, Mountain Province, Ifugao, Nueva Vizcaya, Pangasinan, Benguet, La Union, Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte and Abra.

As of 1100 hrs PST, September 30, 2011, Quiel was located at 640 Kilometers East of Tuguegarao City, with maximum sustained winds of 140Kph and gustiness of 170 Kph and is moving west at a speed of 22 Kph.

Philippine Weather forecasters has warned people against flashfloods and landslides, as well as storm surges as Quiel has already matched the strength of Typhoon Pedring and is expected to gather more strength further since it is still at sea.

This is the 5 day forecast image of Typhoon Quiel with reference to Weather Underground;

with the foregoing forecast it seems Nalgae’s next stop is China.

Stay Safe everyone.


Tropical Storm Quiel (International Name: Nalgae)

30 Sep



At 0400 hrs (Philippine Time) today (September 30, 2011), the eye of Typhoon “Quiel” (International Name: Nalgae) was located at 770 kms East of Apparri, Cagayan (17.6° N, 129.9° E) with a maximum sustained winds of 130 Kilometers per hour near the center and gustiness of up to 160 Kilometers per hour, moving west at 22 Kilometers per hour.

Typhoon Quiel is expected to be at 300 Kilometers East Southeast of Apparri, Cagayan by September 1, 2011 and at 130 Kilometers West Southwest of Laoag City by September 2, 2011, by September 3, 2011 it will be at 630 Kilometers West of Laoag City.

Residents of Northern Luzon may still be reeling from the effects of Typhoon Pedring are in for a stormy weekend. According to PAGASA Quiel  is forecast to hit land between Batanes and Cagayan provinces on Sunday (September 2, 2011) night at its current speed and direction. But Quiel’s impact will not be felt by Northern Luzon residents until it swirls close to Cagayan province on Sunday morning. Quiel is destructive and packed a stronger punch because its 300 Kilometer diameter was more compact than Pedring’s 650 Kilometer diameter. But Quiel is yet too far to affect the archipelago until sunday.

Tropical Storm “Pedring” Update

29 Sep

Now that the skies are already clear, Typhoon Pedring has already leave our country but leaving us also with an official death toll of 21, 10 of those were children ranging from 7 months – 10 years old according to government officials.

According to National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) yesterday (September 28, 2011), 21 people died, 25 more were injured and 33 missing.

Initial damaged to agriculture and infrastructure were peg at Php 729M, according to Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala.

Damage to palay/rice crops is pegged at P654 million, affecting 39,175 metric tons; for corn, damage is estimated at P69 million affecting 6,322 MT; for high value crops, the amount is pegged at P1.6 million affecting 110 MT and for the fisheries sector, damage is estimated at P4 million. Alcala said that about 75 percent of standing palay crops may have been affected by Typhoon Pedring and estimated that only 25 percent of the standing palay crop was harvested before the typhoon hit. Initial figures from agriculture officials in Isabela report that hard hit were palay crops, with some 51,391 hectares with an estimated 29,251 metric tons of palay worth P487 million. Corn crops with an estimated production of 192.1 MT with a value of P2.1 million were affected. Local officials of Bulacan Province, however, noted that damage in agriculture was four times worse than what they incurred two years ago. Earlier, Alcala had expressed optimism over a 22 percent increase in palay production for the third quarter of this year. He had been hoping that Pedring would not cause that much damage to standing palay crops that are about ready for harvesting. But with the damage caused by Typhoon Pedring that figure may no longer be achieved.

As our authorities are doing clearing operations and repairing damaged infrastructures, PAGASA spotted a tropical cyclone off Pacific Ocean which chall be named “Quiel” (International Name: Nalgae), which is expected to enter Philippine Area of Responsibilities within the next 24 hours and is likely to cross the same area hit by Typhoon Pedring.


Controlled Release Fertilizers

27 Sep

Ever since i started to have an interest on plants and gardening i’ve come to use fertilizers to feed my plants, at start i am using water soluble fertilizers which sometimes very taxing on my part on a weekly basis, there are times i forgot to feed my plants. Until i discovered controlled release fertilizers, controlled release fertilizers popularly available in our country is Osmocote brand and i have been using two of these Osmocote products since last year only, namely;


Osmocote Plus 15-9-12


i regularly used this fertilizer for my cactus and sansevierias and has giving my plants all the nutrients it needs.


Osmocote 14-14-14


i’ve been using this fertilizer primarily for my ferns and specially to my flowering seedling plants to give them enough nutrients they will only need.


These fertilizers came handy and useful to me and i don’t have to worry forgeting to feed my plants every week due to the fact that these controlled release fertilizers are feeding my plants all the nutrients it needs for months.

Tropical Storm Pedring (Update)

27 Sep

Tropical Storm Pedring (International Name: Nesat) which has been upgraded by Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical & Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) into a typhoon now with a maximum sustained winds of 140 Kilometers per hour near the center and a gustiness of 170 Kilometers per hour and is moving west northwest with a slow of 19 Kilometers per hour.

Typhoon Pedring is expected to landfall this morning (September 27, 2011) at Aurora Province. Signal No. 3 has already been raised in some provinces, and in metro manila signal number 2 has already been raised and classes has already been suspended by DECS up to Secondary Level, some Colleges and Universities has already suspended up to tertiary level and more suspension to come…


Authorities have already ordered the evacuation of almost 100,000 families along low lying areas, suspended all seafaring activities, airline flights has already been cancelled and Billboards rolled down to ensure minimum casualties and damages…


Worries are now into Water dams located at Central Luzons as these are on the path of Typhoon Pedring. I just hope that Pedring will not bring more rains in order not to damaged crops in which nearing harvest time, if these will do, then that is more damaging as this will hamper rice supplies next year…


Lets do hope that Pedring will not devastate Central Luzon…


Be safe everyone

Siling Panigang King

26 Sep

Started planting vegetables early 2010 but was only successful with peppers. I have 2 pepper plants of which both were planted from seeds, 1 came from our stock, which was planted January 2010 and as of this writing am planning to dish-out this old plant so that i can start on a new pepper. This first pepper of mine has already supplied me lots of leaves used for Tinolang Manok and that maintaining it would be not economical as the plant already produces very small leaves, and the other a product by a local company, which was planted March 2011.


This is the pepper which i planted only last March 2011 from seed and was tagged as Panigang King based on the seed packets, and by the looks of it now it is really a King.


This pepper has already reached 6 feet tall and is producing lots of pepper more than our needs, some are being given to my mother for her cooking needs, and some neighbors were asking for these peppers whenever they passed thru our rented apartment.


This are some of my harvest, which have made us save some money, for the market price of each pepper in a nearby flea market cost around Php 2.00 (around US$ 0.05)


A few months from now this pepper will need to be replaced and i would say that i’m going to continue planting this kind of pepper which are very useful, specially to my favorite dish which is Sinigang (be it fish or pork). Knowing that this peppers are grown from our backyard, i would say i don’t have to worry of chemical treatment done, because i don’t use one, unlike the peppers being sold at the market where in everyone is not sure if this are chemically treated or not.


The pepper journey shall go on as long as i can….

Be safe everyone…


Adenium Obesum Triple Amazing

26 Sep

This is my Rose Adenium Triple Amazing in bloom last May 2011, can’t recall the exact date when was the photo were taken; and this the first bloom from my care since i bought it last January 2011 from Manila Seedling Bank Foundation, located at EDSA corner Quezon Avenue, Quezon City..There are lots of variants to chose from by selecting and reading only from the name tags, the name tag of this caught my attention, being written as Triple Amazing, at that time i’m still wondering what will be the form and color of the flower and so i ask the trader if she can provide a picture just to make sure of what am i going to buy, unluckily the trader has no pictures or brochures to show, was already a bit frustrated by then but the curiosity and excitement based on the name tag has made me decide to bring home this lovely plant. 4 months after and this is my lovely prize;

This is her latest bloom, photo were taken on September 25, 2011

and regarding its propagation by seeds that would be my next project .

Tropical Storm “Pedring” (Int’l Name Nesat)

26 Sep

This is my first time to blog and my first day too. With nothing much of a topic to start or post in mind i decided to make one regarding the current storm affecting the island of Luzon known as Tropical Storm Pedring with an International Name Nesat…
Two (2) years ago to be exact, September 26, 2009, the philippines was caught by surprise by Tropical Storm Ondoy, especially devastated was the island of luzon with not so much of an idea of that storm at that time having been assigned in an isolated town of Negros Occidental because we don’t have TV at work nor the newspapers being late. We’ve only known lately how Tropical Storm Ondoy devastated the greater prt of manila….

Now, September 26, 2011, with Tropical Storm Pedring, which packs a center wind of 110 Kilometers per hour and a gustiness of 140 Kilometers per hour moving slowly northwards across Luzon at a rate of 17 Kilometers per hour, PAGASA has raised the Storm signals and declaring “Pedring” a typhoon. School classes has already been suspended in Metro Manila, to prevent kids from floods of which weather forecaster has predicted an estimated rainfall of 15-25 millimeters per hour. I just hope that “Pedring” will not be a repeat of “Ondoy” and thanks to god also that with no moonsoon rains to help Pedring unlike Ondoy which was a combination of storm and moonsoon rains that dumped Metro Manila…

Be carefull everyone